End o’ term 20%

I tried the slips of paper only I found I had less to write about them than I thought I did. However the journal prompts where alright. I need to find some more prompts to get me thinking. The are kinda fun to just write and think. It reminds me me the devotional books, though It’s more random and less focused. I don’t know if it has really improved my writing skills, but it’s fun. The nice thing about it is that it doesn’t have to be good. It’s really just about writing. It’s kinda like a written sketchbook it’s nice to create something nice but you still need to have a place where it doesn’t matter if it is crap. I think one of my favorite quotes about is ” it doesn’t matter if is crap, crap makes good fertilizer” that’s paraphrasing it. Still I like it. And it’s been good to have a little bit of a space for free writing. 


Christmas break and 20%

well I have made progress, though not in the way I thought I would. One of the things that helped was when we were doing essays I wrote all of my drafts in the note book. After doing that the next thing I tried to write was creative stories. It was complete failure. I would get a prompt and start writing then make it about a paragraph in only to discover that I had really bad writers block. Fortunately I didn’t make my project fictional writing. I just made it writing. So I found some journal prompts and just started using those. They where great. Some I had a lot to write about, others less so, but I didn’t feel required to write more because I had already answered the prompt.

I have found some other good journal prompts on Pinterest and other blogs, that I may or may not use. 

Also today I found something else to write about. I was rearranging/ cleaning my room. When I came across a jar filled with little pieces of paper. At first I was going to throw it away, like so much of the other pieces of paper that had collected in my room. Then I saw one of the things I wrote on the paper. It was a jar filled with interesting subjects and things I was thankful for. It was an old jar I think I put those slips of paper in about 2 years ago. Anyway I looked at the jar and thought hey what if I used this for my 20% project? 

I’m going to go through those slips of paper and write about them. I think it will be interesting to see if I am still thankful for the same kind of things. We will just have to see. 


20% my writing note book

Well I did settle on an idea. I’m going to write in a note book and was going to try and finish before the end of the school year. Of course I found out I am graduating early so it might just have to be a project I finish on my own.

That said I have made some progress on it though not as much as I would have liked to at this point. First off I actually decided what it was I wanted to do. And I have gotten a few pages of writing done so far. Mostly just bits of stories and essays.

It’s interesting how my word flow changes, based on if I am writing by hand or if I am typing.When I write on paper I write faster and I kinda get’s my writing process going. Typing is better for editing, and reviewing. It’s 2nd draft process. The first one just comes out, and sometimes the 2nd one is totally different. It’s an interesting bit of the process.image1 (18)

20%  decision

So I think I might have narrowed it down a bit. Maybe I’m still hesitant and will probably bounce back to another idea if I get bored with it. Which is okay because I have plenty. Anyway so what I’m doing is I am going to do those random crafts I have saved on Pinterest that I never do. I mean the 20% project is to do cool and or random things  you don’t normally have time to do. Hence I shall just do those Pinterest things I want to do, and never get around to doing. 

Like paper beads those are cool. I might even infuse them. 

Or maybe even make a bean bag.

Basically I’m going to blog about crafty things. Because it gives me the option to have a lot of different things to do. Besides I like doing crafty things. It gives me the chance  to explore and create.  


I just don’t know 20%

so I haven’t really gotten started. See what I picked was a pretty simple and normally something I would love doing. Only now I’m not sure I want to do it or not. This presents the problem. What do I do? I mean I have lots of ideas. Still I just don’t know what I WANT to do. It’s a real problem. So sometime this week I’m going to write my proposal and it will be something other than my Pinterest idea. Probably. 

You know I need a new hobbie maybe that’s what it could be. I could try and find myself a new hobbie. I have no idea what though. I admit I have so many ideas in this head of mine and a lack of a desire to do anything. I’m just kinda bored with life. It’s the same old thing day in and day out. I need to find something intersting. What though? 

Maybe I just need to go look at my old ideas. The writing one was not so bad. Maybe I can start writing. I’ll write an intersting story or something. 


20% too many ideas

Well I have been thinking about thing I could do for my project only problem is that I now have why to many ideas and no idea what it is I want to do. So here’s what I got

I could take really old funny looking clothes, and remodel them. I like that I would learn better sewing skills from this, I might even be able to use it for a young women’s project. I also have all the materials for this project. Someone gave me a pile of old clothes.

I could improve my writing skills by taking a writing prompt and write a blog on it. Or try and come up with a writing prompt everyday, and have a blog for writing prompts.

I could design future inventions. Right now I think it would be really cool to design a way to put something underneath roads, that would convert kinetic energy into electricity. We could power city’s on it. Or I have my plan on how to make a hover car. I actually kinda want to build that one. I still need to figure out the best way to make it turn because I don’t want any of the parts to crash into each other.

I could also start a YouTube Chanel teaching people art. That could be fun.

I could also simply do all those random things on Pinterest that I never get around to doing. I mean I have that one board full of random crafts and I never make any of them. That could be a really cool project. It would give an excuse to do it.

So many ideas…. 

It’s kinda hard to see but here is a draft of my hover car.

20% blog… So yeah.

Realy I have nothing to say, other than Its done.

Still I need word count. So I dislike mentoring class. I mean maybe if I had Xhanite it wouldn’t be so bad. I am being bugged about doing homework which I really hate. “Sorry I don’t have any.”(At least that I can do here, in class.)

Ok so… Other stuff. I am going to finish painting the window in space camp. Pet Chickens are messy. The human eye is really cool, so are thumbs.

I am really excited for summer. I will go do lots of stuff like, girls camp and, EFY. I will also probably live in my garden. I made a planter out of soda bottles last Saturday and I planted strawberries in it. I still have like twenty more plants that I need to do something with. I might make another planter. I might need to make multiple. Even with that I may need to give some away.  

Looking at my window! ­čÖé


20% and teenage restrictions 

I made progress on setting up my Etsy shop and advertising seems like it is coming along even if I haven’t really got to focus on that part.  My prints have been taken care of at least those that were not to large. Still it is enough to get going. My road bump I hit is quite simply that of age. I got most the way on setting up the shop and then I got the whole you’re not 18 yet. Which is stupid I mean legally I can own a business so the whole needing to be an adult is just annoying. But I have a way around it. I am going to put the shop in my moms name while I run and manage it on my own. Basically it will be the same as owning the shop only I have to register the items a little differently.  Well and I am mad about the assumption that teenager can’t be responsible for something like owning a Etsy shop. Yeah  a lot of teenagers are stupid but if one is capable of starting the shop then they can probably handle it, because most stupid teenager wouldn’t want to make a Etsy shop. I hate being judged by my age. Anywho the shop is coming along. Here is a picture of one of the prints. 


20% math

what have I been doing with my 20% project?

Well figuring out prices, net, dross,etc. also I have been familiarizing myself with Etsy. Which is where I plan to sell my product. I was planning to go over to the print shop and see what the prints themselves would look like. However that didn’t turn out and I’m planning to go over tomorrow after play practice. I did call them however and have an estimate on what it’s going to cost me. The real trouble is I need to see them myself and so I will have a better idea of what people will be willing to pay for prints.

There are some other places in my area that I can go take a look at and compare quality and costs.

What is going to happen with the shoes? I have decided that I am going to add those at a later date. What I plan to do is start with prints and original paintings. Then I am going to expand to include frames, painted shoes and other forms of art.

The trouble with this is finding a good shop name I have some ideas but none of them really work. So that’s a bit of a problem I still need to get worked out.

Here are some pictures of artworks I want to use.´╗┐



20% the product

Well for my 20% project this semester I am starting a esty shop. I don’t plan to open the actual shop until mid March. Right now I the focus is on the product I will be selling. Which is art prints and fandom painted shoes. I have painted shoes before and From my art class I have picked up the information I need to prep canvas.

( the picture is a example of painted shoes ) painted shoes range from 50-120$. Though depending on the shoe I will probably not sell them for that price.
However Right now I am struggling with some things in this project. Namly making prints. There are many places online that will print lots of things. Sadly art prints are not one of those things. So I still need to find a way to produce that.
The second problem is with the shoes. What fandoms do I make them for and what size shoe do I paint? I mean the Percy Jackson fandom is large and is more inclined toward a fan art product. However a fandom like LOTR has slightly more expensive taste and would be more willing to spend money on such a product. Also shoe type and size with vary from fandom to fandom based on gender and age of the members of said fandom. Once I work these problems out I should be doing all right.